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Convincing normies on twitter to use Mastodon as a 12 step plan to create more leftists.

Tired: I'm a non binary trans girl

Wired: I'm in a quantum superposition of girl and non-binary

He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy

RT @[email protected]

Name a movie quote that gives away the film WITHOUT saying the title! Gooooo!!!


Me: Hmmm why am I feeling a little odd

It's because you forgot to ask for nut milk in your coffee, ya idiot

Os ydych yn gweld rwybeth nad yw'n taro deuddeg, siaradwch i staff neu danfonwch neges testun i heddlu trafnidiaeth Prydain ar chwech un dim un chwech, byddwn i'n ei sortio. Wedi sylwi, wedi sΓ΄n, wedi sortio.

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