@TheEnbyperor Glad to see the spirit of colby live on in the community

@TheEnbyperor thanks, due to your toot I am now browsing ebay for second hand receipt printers ๐Ÿ˜‚

@taugenichts @carbontwelve I think so... I mean every receipt on earth is printed on it so I'd think we'd notice if it did harm by now

@TheEnbyperor I was working on something just like this. Thank you for convincing me to stop :blobmelt:

@TheEnbyperor :blobaww: it's a toot machine!

And here I thought that phrase could only be attributed to my son after he's eaten beans.

@TheEnbyperor Let's make an elephant's trunk to fit the printer inside and put it somewhere on the next congress!

@TheEnbyperor What? Return of the 34c3 Twitter thunderstorm LED cloud ...

@TheEnbyperor I have not seen it myself, but it was basically a fluffy LED installation, that did some lighning animations as soon as somone used the hashtag #34c3

@betalars print out every tweet with ? that could get out of hand quickly, but also sounds perfect for CCC

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